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In the Northeast of Portugal, in the Province behind the hills, District of Vila Real, between Mountains ranges and Rocky places the Concil of Boticas is raised.

Being a Local Mountain Region, Boticas in it´s immense forest area, in the agriculture (farming)and in the production of cattle the principal base of his support. There is like what a secret alliance between his inhabitants and the nature, which is ennobling a few and it elevates other one.

Land of contrasts, of sceneries of dazzle and of places of election spread by the whole Concil.

In the top of the Mountain range of Barroso the granitic formations dominate the scenery, being likened to sleeping giants who guard and are on the lookout from his proud position. Here at the top the fright grasps. It seems that the world was born here. Or better, it is here that it is possible to understand the blow of the creation.

More above at Alturas and Vilarinho Seco, a preserved village that seems stopped in the time and that more looks like a picture that only the imagination admits to build.

In the valley, “Covas do Barroso” it rests that it calms, spying shy by the strait of the window of it´s Romanic Church.

Boticas also a land of water. Much water. Pure, limpid and crystal clear waters, waters as mirrors where the forest touches up it´s make-up and combs his long green hair. Cold bicarbonated waters, of therapeutic properties, which flow between the groves and they gave name to Carvalhelhos and to it´s Park, which freshness is really irrecusable in the days of open sun.

It is a land of centenary Mills where the bread that feeds the soul begins to gain form to give support to the body.

Boticas is a land of legates, of dolmen ruins, of thousand-year-old Roman landmarks, of religious constructions, It is a Cradle of Civilizations, of Gods and Heroes, of Warriors Calaicos, of men from stone who of the Top of the Lesenho were guarding the World, of mythical creatures, of fairies and of delighted Moorish ones that rest in the peace and in the serenity of the Castro of Carvalhelhos.

Boticas is  a Land of stories with History, it is a land of  proud people and proud of his roots.

His past can jump to the memory visiting the Rural Museum composed by Exhibitions that show the existence of a nation and it´s rurality, and the Historical Repository of the Wine of the Dead, which perpetuates an inheritance with more than 200 years.

Times have changed and Boticas was no different to this change, being modernized to guarantee such a wanted quality of life to his inhabitants. But it was in a heart and respect for the traditions and for the memory of our people. The Beauty of the Faith or the Faith in the Beauty is kept by them on giving sense everyday to each one of these people that likes surviving in peace with God

The Procession in honor of “Nossa Senhora da Livração” is an example of faith and of beauty. Along the procession directions are incorporated music bands, firemen, scouts, a group of angels pretending to be real, great people, that contemplates the bright and radiant saint images which the beautiful and surprising art and talent of men and women give life.

And it was to the same faith, that the Origins already say to move mountains, which it allowed to build the place that is today Boticas.

New thinks were done, the ancient things were recovered, in a harmonious co-habitation between the reality and the dream.

Boticas has today many collective equipments prepared to give answer to the needs of his inhabitants and of all that they visit the Council. The Municipal Library, fountain of knowledge and knowledge, with it´s Internet Space, when it faced the new technologies;

The Swimming Pools, covered and uncovered, ready Swimming pools serving during Summer and Winter; The Road Education School, which prepares the young ones for the future; The Multiuses Tent, of doors opened to receive Markets, Seminars; The Municipal Stadium and the Field of Minigolf, pawned in the incentive to the athletic practice.

Boticas is also a land of Culture, holding activities regulary and diversified along the whole year. It is a stage of exhibitions, disposing of the presence of the great names of arts, of which the main Nadir Afonso is the best example. It is a land of Congresses and of Conversations, of musical shows and of gastronomic proofs.

Boticas is a land of future, of ideas, of projects, of work that grows, of investments in the tourism. It is a land of progress and of development, land where our children, the quality of teaching and the support to the Education will always come in first place. 

Welcome to our Council

Let yourself be seduced by Boticas

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